Types of Business Industries

Agriculture, Animals & Food

Animals & Veterinary Science

Looking after the health and welfare of animals.

Farming, Horticulture & Forestry

Working with the land, managing livestock, crops, forests or the environment.

Food & Beverages

Working with the production, distribution, preparation and serving of food and drinks.

Maritime, Fishing & Aquaculture

Fishing in the open seas or farming them in fish farms. Looking after the sale and promotion of all seafood.

STEM, Environment & Construction

Biological, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science

Creating high quality drugs or chemicals, testing them to ensure they are effective and safe, and monitoring their effect on people and the environment.

Biomedical Technologies & Medtech

Work on the development of technology that enhances the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, and treatment of diseases and disabilities.

Computers & ICT

Working in the manufacture, sales or support of all forms of computers and computer systems, or in the creation and development of software.

Construction, Architecture & Property

Working in the planning, building, selling or management of construction projects (housing estates, roads, warehouses etc.).

Earth & Environment

Work with technologies which monitor and predict changes in our environment, the development of renewable energy sources, and the conservation of ecosystems.

Engineering, Manufacturing & Energy

Working in one of the many engineering or technology fields such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing, Motor and Energy.

Physics, Mathematics & Space Science

Researching and investigating aspects of the physical universe, or using mathematics to solve complex issues in science or business.

Medical, Wellbeing & Sport

Leisure, Sport & Fitness

Working in a leisure centre, in sports as a player or coach, or involved in personal / fitness training.

Medical & Healthcare

Working in hospitals, clinics and medical centres looking after the health and care of people with physical illness.

Psychology & Social Care

Caring for individuals experiencing psychological difficulties, or with the welfare of individuals or groups of people experiencing some form of hardship.

Creative Arts, Fashion & Media

Art, Craft & Design

Producing new pieces of art, craft or design work.

Fashion & Beauty

Working in any area involving fashion, beauty care, hairdressing and personal hygiene, e.g. Fashion design, Beauty therapy etc.

Media & Publishing

Communicating information through various forms of media, e.g. TV, Radio, newspapers, the internet, and film.

Music & Performing Arts

Working in the music/entertainment business as an artist (performer) or in one of the many roles that are involved in the design and production of a show.

Government, Law & Education

Community & Voluntary

Working to provide services to people of all ages across areas including social, community, youth, education, and charity, voluntary and sporting organisations.

Education & Teaching

Teaching at any level, including professional training, or involved in the design and development of courses and the qualifications that they lead to.

Government, Politics & EU

Working for the government to ensure the efficient and correct running of the country.

History, Culture & Languages

Working in museums, art galleries or heritage management. Using languages professionally, e.g. translating, interpreting, working for the EU and in global sales and support.

Law & Legal

Involved in the administration of the law, defending the rights of individuals and organisations.

Security, Defence & Law Enforcement

Working in the Garda, Army, Navy, Air Corps, or other organisations involved in personal, national or cyber security.

Accountancy, Finance & Insurance

Accountancy & Taxation

Working mainly in business, records details of financial transactions and provides advice on financial and tax matters.

Banking & Financial Services

Providing services to the public and business through banking, fund management and other forms of financial services.


Providing and selling insurance services to the public and businesses.

Business, Sales & Tourism

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

Creating advertising, managing marketing campaigns, and ensuring that a company is

always seen in the best possible light.

Business Management & Human Resources

Involved in the running of a business, helping it grow and develop, operate efficiently, meet business objectives and manage its workforce.

Clerical & Administration

Working in an office and being involved in the day to day running of a business.

Sales, Retail & Purchasing

All forms of work directly involved in the delivery of products and services to the marketplace.

Tourism & Hospitality

Attending to the needs of local and visiting tourists, e.g. the hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions, and promoting Ireland as a welcoming place to visit.

Transport & Logistics

Transporting goods and people, the infrastructure (roads, rail etc.) that make this possible, and the services that are required to maintain operations 24/7.